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The short answer is: Yes, an HOA can reject your request for modifications that fall outside of the covenant restrictions.

The purpose of the ACC is to promote and ensure a high level of quality, harmony and conformity throughout the neighborhood.  The ACC reviews homeowners’ modification requests by using the rules set forth in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR) found in the Declaration.  Any improvements made must be aesthetically pleasing. They should maintain, or enhance, the value of the home (which, in turn, maintains homeowner values for the community).

The ACC shall be composed of three (3) or more individuals who are members of the association in good standing (all assessments paid, no CCR violations.)  The primary responsibilities of the ACC are to:
  • Continually review and provide approval decisions on homeowner plans submitted for exterior improvements.
  • Give a timely response to the Association Manager in writing.
  • The ACC must respond to homeowners within 30 days of submission.
  • Monitor and report any suspected infractions of the HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.
  • Any suspected infractions are to be sent directly to the neighborhood management company, which is Keith Collins.
  • Report activities to, and work at the direction of, the HOA Board of Directors.
  • Report information to the Communications Committee including common guidelines, request questions/concerns, and ACC application reminders.

The ACC must treat all requests fairly, consistently and in a timely manner.  The committee may not refuse to consider an application due to an existing unapproved change.  Members should make recommendations to the ACC in good faith and honor the decisions of the Committee.